Selected Publications and Catalogues


2011     "Facing the Wall", Walther König Verlag, Thames and Hudson


Other Publications and Catalogues

2012     Shipping, Trade and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean. Studies in Honor of John Pryor, ed. R. Gertwagen and E. Jeffreys, Farnham, front and back covers.

2012     "Palmyrenes in Beth Shearim: From Diaspora to the Land of Israel, from Memoria to the End of Days", Iconographica 11, by Emma Maayan Fanar, 11-32 (figs.).

2011     Metropolis: Berlin, Tel Aviv (Hebrew), p. 80-87

2010    "Early Christian Tomb at Lohamei HaGetaot: Formation of Christological Symbolism," Eastern Christian Art 7, by Emma Maayan Fanar, 71-89 (figs).

2009     Georgia: A Journey through the Ages. Photographs by the Artist Dror Maayan, Open University Gallery, Raanana, Israel, (exhibition catalogue).

2009     Forschungsbericht Herbst 2006 – Winter 2008. Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz Max-Planck-Institut, p. 62-63.

2009     "Word Incarnated in Stone: Iconography of the Early Christian Rock-Cut Tombs in Shefar'am," Iconographica by Emma Maayan Fanar, 11-28 (figs.)

2008     Between Guilt and Victimization: Postwar Germans and the Memory of Nazism and the Second World War, by Gilad Margalit, portrait of the author.

2007     Popes, Church, and Jews in the Middle Ages: Confrontation and Response, by Kenneth R Stow, Ashgate, Ltd, 2007, p. ii.    

2007     Dror Maayan, Graffiti: Street Art as a Statement: A Photographic Look at the Streets of Berlin, Open University Gallery, Raanana, Israel, (exhibition catalogue).

2007     Dror Maayan, Across Georgia: A Photographic Journey, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz (Max-Plank), (exhibition catalogue).

2007     Dror Maayan, Traces of the Sea, Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir Publishing House, 2007 (exhibition catalogue).

2007     "Captured Moments", by Lee Rimon, Contact. Magazine of Photography and Digital Media, Vol. 82 (Jan.-Feb. 2007), p. 99.

2006     Dror Maayan, Mushrooms – A Photographic Look at Street Art in Berlin, 2006 (exhibition catalogue).

2006     Haifa in the Eye of the Camera. The First Half of the 20th Century, Exhibition Catalogue, Haifa City Museum, 2006, p. 8, 131.

2005     In Praise of Joy White-Washing Fences with Jim Haynes, ed. Howard Aster, Ontario, 2005, no page number.

2004     Dror Maayan, "Visa Pour L'Image" – The Pilgrimage", Contact. Magazine of Photography and Digital Media, Vol. 71 (Nov.-Dec. 2004).

2002     CDR cover, Harold Rubin, "One Voice".

1997     Dror Maayan, "No Title", Studio Magazine, Vol. 86 (Sept.-Oct. 1997).